What is typedef? Typedef gives us the ability to shorthand variables and types as we code in C++. Let’s explore some examples of what this is and how it is used.

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What does typedef actually mean? Put simply, how it sounds — type definition. How can we use this? To…

A Struct is a basically a data structure similar to a model type of data. With this structure we can combine several primitive datatypes to create a new kind of datatype known as a structure.

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To define a struct we simple use the syntax struct followed by the name of the struct.

Using the ImageFiltered class on some images with a ImageFilter.blur() and having a sigmaX and sigmaY greater than 0 can cause some unexpected results. 2) Flickering of the blurred image around the borders. 2) A pixelated border around the image on each side as well.

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Below in this example of…

Dart and Flutter have a few different immutable types, or constants, we will explore to have a better understanding of what each does and why. An immutable type is pretty much a variable or data type than cannot be mutated, or put simply, be changed. …

Flutter uses the Dart programming language which has some pretty sweet ways to go about building classes and creating some OOP tactics. Some classes we create in Dart we may want to check the values they are given first before we create them. …

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Here is a simple cheat sheet when it comes to formatting outputs with the print function — print(), specifically numbers and data.

Rounding Decimals: (floating point numbers)

To round a number simply use the format() function to do so. The first argument will be the number you are wanting to format, and the second argument…

Learning Regex is not fun or easy at first, but it is a beyond important skill when strategizing solving problems with strings. Here is a brief overview on ways to best learn regex, tutorials on regex, and cheat sheets.

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When I first saw Regex I immediately said what the heck…

Need a simple way to switch out a Boostrap Vue icons when you hover over them? You came to the right place!

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For this we have a simple template in Vue.js that is using Bootstrap Vue. We here we are just rendering the circle-plus icon:

Mas Arepas w/out Black Beans

This is my version of South American Arepas dish inspired with Love.


  1. 2–4 Cups of Yellow or White Masa Harina
  2. 1/4 Cup Coconut Flour
  3. 1 tsp baking powder
  4. 1/4 stick butter
  5. 2tbsp Olive Oil
  6. 4 strips of Bacon
  7. 1 Half Red Onion
  8. 1 Half White Onion
  9. 4 Cloves of Garlic
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2 Simple Solutions to dealing with Arrays in PHP

When dealing with arrays in PHP we have 2 types of arrays:

1. Indexed arrays without keys:

<?php  $array_of_things = array("music", "books", "laughter", "surfing");  foreach($array_of_things as $thing){      print_r($thing);
?> output: ( // music
// books
// laughter
// surfing

2. Key / Value array

<?php    $nice_array = array(
"song1" => "God of Revival",
"song2" => "Meet your Maker",
"song3" => "Only Jesus"…


I’m a Software Engineering student in Redding, Ca. Love all things Computer Science related, love for journalism, Jesus Christ, and team collaboration projects.

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